Emotion and motivation: This connection is precisely what emotiva stands for,
in the most literal sense of the words. Our daily routine is anything but routine.




Emotiva is a full-service provider. From the initial quotation or concept through to sending the very last piece of…




We see direct communication with the target group as the objective of your events. To attain this goal, we create…




Spreading like fire: The word “incentive” has its roots in the Latin “incendere,” which means to ignite…

When you outsource an event, you expect that everything from A to Z will be perfectly organized. That everything will run as planned. That costs can be estimated and will stay within your budget. We see these things as simply part of our job.



But we want you to expect more from us. Because we have a common goal:


creating a unique and unforgettable experience for your employees or customers. This requires years of experience, perfect organization, and most of all a special sense of what really moves people.

Wir bieten von der Künstlervermittlung bis hin zur aufwendigen Eventproduktion mit zielgerichteten Inhalten alles, was Sie zu einer erfolgreichen Veranstaltung, Produktpräsentation, Tagung oder Incentivereise benötigen. Als Full-Service-Agentur für Events + Incentives stehen wir Ihnen sehr gerne mit unserem Know-how 24-stunden am Tag zur Verfügung.