About us

High time for fresh ideas.


Our work is characterized by the trusting working relationship we have with our customers and the negotiating skills we apply to our dealings with suppliers. Take advantage of our strengths to make your company succeed.


Measurable emotions: We don’t see a contradiction in these terms. Because no matter how emotional and unforgettable an incentive or event is, it doesn’t justify its cost unless it meets its economic objective.


Skilful motivation: One-time or brief activities are often not enough for a good inspiration to make a lasting impact. Your event cannot stop at merely motivating, it needs to impassion people.


Motion through innovation: We’re getting the future moving. Because creating and discovering are our passions.

The innovative go-getter


Sylvia Clemente Burkart recognizes a problem, grapples with it, and doesn’t let loose until it’s solved. Ms. Burkart has obtained a business degree majoring in tourism as well as a Master of Arts in tourism. In the industry since 1997, she works for clients such as Kawasaki Deutschland GmbH, Cellway GmbH, Yamaha Motor Deutschland GmbH, Quintiles Innovex AG, and Siemens AG. She also creates incoming visitor programmes for the British, French, and Scandinavian markets.